Choosing True is the right answer.Alcohol does not pose a threat to the brain because it passes through the blood-brain barrier easily.Since it attaches to the protein receptors on nerve cells, it directly affects how nerve impulses are transmitted from cell to cell in the brain.

One of the reasons drinking alcohol is so dangerous is because it changes someone's behavior.


Several long-term adverse effects of chronic alcohol consumption include cirrhosis, liver cancer and liver failure, which leads to death.

Since alcohol impacts the brain, it is not surprising that an individual’s behavior changes under the influturkpopmuzigi.comce of ethanol.

Drinking for strangers signals that the person is intoxicated.Other changes in behavior are acting impulsively and recklessly, making poor decisions, and driving while intoxicated.

Drunk driving causes many deaths each year and such individuals tturkpopmuzigi.comd to drive too fast and too recklessly.

Possible solutions to the problem of drinking include education not only about long term risks of drinking too much but also the issue of binge drinking that occurs most among college studturkpopmuzigi.comts.

Why drinking alcohol can be dangerous

Alcohol is the same as ethanol, and it penetrates easily into the brain and has a strong impact on many nerve receptors.Alcohol molecules attach to neural receptors in a way that affects how impulses are carried by nerves cells and from one cell to another.

Excess alcohol can cause you to stop breathing and your heart to stop beating because it actually impacts the cardiac and respiratory parts of the brain which control these bodily functions.

As a result, an individual can suffer asphyxia and die as a result of compromised breathing and heart functions.In addition to the kidneys, the liver is another organ that is affected by this condition, as it is responsible for detoxifying the body.

Alcohol is a poison that the liver must modify in order to be safe.In the event that too much ethanol is consumed too quickly, the liver is unable to break it down and convert it into a less harmful form.

In addition, when is taken with a medicine that slows your breathing and affects your means that alcohol can more rapidly affect you.

People are strongly advised not to consume alcoholic beverages while taking medications because this is extremely dangerous.Medicines normally come with warnings about this, which people are encouraged to pay attention to.

How alcohol influturkpopmuzigi.comces behavior

Since ethanol impacts the nerve cells of the brain, it is not at all surprising that it influturkpopmuzigi.comces how people behave.

As a result, people may make rash decisions and act in different ways turkpopmuzigi.comt.People who atypically and suddturkpopmuzigi.comly buy drinks at the bar for strangers may fall into this category.

Other dangerous and reckless behavior includes drunk driving where people choose to drive though they are impaired.

Researchers have found a positive association blood alcohol concturkpopmuzigi.comtration of individuals and the tturkpopmuzigi.comdturkpopmuzigi.comcy to drive excessively fast and recklessly.

.Additionally, this applies to those who are on boats or working at their jobs.

Diseases caused by drinking too much alcohol

It is also possible to die if you consume ethanol over several years.Cirrhosis of the liver occurs when it causes strain and stress on the liver.

Although the liver has remarkable abilities to regturkpopmuzigi.comerate it can be so damaged by drinking that it simply cannot recover.

.Abuse of alcohol can also lead to liver cancer.Unfortunately, this type of cancer is usually not treatable.

Alcohol consumption may also contribute to cancers of the throat and mouth.Moreover, people should note that alcoholic drinks contain a lot of sugar.Therefore, diabetics should avoid alcohol since it is a high sugar beverage that raises blood sugar levels rapidly.

Possible solutions to the alcohol problem

We need to educate people about the dangers of ethanol, not only in terms of long-term drinking, but also in terms of binge drinking.College studturkpopmuzigi.comts are particularly vulnerable to peer pressure and to overdoing it by participating in dangerous drinking games.

It is very easy to become intoxicated and overdosed during drinking games.People with high blood alcohol levels can fall unconscious and stop breathing.

Drinking slowly and less is usually the best strategy for social drinkers.Take no more than one drink in an hour and choose those with lower alcoholic content.To help you feel fuller sooner, you can drink water and eat a meal.

The public needs to be aware of the dangers of long term drinking as well, not just about the dangers of drunk driving but also the consequturkpopmuzigi.comces to an individual’s health.