When you are with someone who is proud to have you, that is when you will experience unconditional love for the first time.All other types of relationships are a temporary fix that won't provide long-term satisfaction.

.There are many people around you who are looking for someone to accompany them so they won't feel lonely.

.There is no explanation provided, and all you can do is wonder what went wrong.

The last thing you want is to settle for less than you deserve.Once you realize that people are only fooling you, you should never let them play with your feelings.

Whenever someone isn't proud to have you, pack your things and leave.You can’t make someone change their mind no matter how much you love them.

Most likely, their feelings are fake and they are using your company to prevent being alone.Once they get bored, they'll leave you with no choice but to be with them.

Yet people like this will never remain forever – their time with you is limited.They sure don't care about breaking your heart on the way out.

The moment they get tired of you, they're gone.Due to the fact that they never truly cared about your feelings, they'll abandon you like you don't matter.

One thing you should keep in mind if you're looking for someone to grow old with.You want someone who will choose you time and time again.

Be with someone who is proud to have you: 12 ways to tell he’s not playing games with you


.Yet it can be even more difficult to tell if someone is merely pretending to love you.

You will find all kinds of techniques used by people to keep you at their side.You're tempted to believe they love you, but then they leave you once things get tough.

Others will often tell you that you should be with someone who makes you feel proud to be theirs.How do you know that person looks like?

.You'll see that he behaves in the following ways if he's proud to have you by his side.

1. He displays you all over his social media


.Your first sign will be that he is more than willing to share photos of you on his Instagram account.

Truthfully, he wants the world to know that you are together and doesn't even give it a second thought.It's obvious that he's making it known to the world that you are only his by posting the photo of you two together.

.Nobody else can have you.

Guys who don't know what they want will never take this step.In order not to ruin their chances with other women, they don't want to cause a rift.

The fake feelings they have keep them from sharing their relationship.Those guys avoid posting photos of their girlfriend on social media, as that would blind them to all of the other women they could potentially go after.

A man who is proud to be with you will never even consider keeping their relationship a secret.The world will know he's got himself an amazing woman - which brings me to my second point.

2. He’s made your relationship official


Making your relationship official, without hesitation, is a great way to show someone he's proud to have you.There won't even be a time when you're wondering when he'll decide your relationship status.

Since he wants everyone to know he's dating you, he does it all on his own.He will proclaim that you are his and that he is the only one who can call you his "love.".

What do you know?.There's nothing less you should settle for.

Considering what a gem you are, he would never think of keeping you a secret.The only person like you he can find is you.

This is why he wants you only for himself.He will show you his feelings from the very beginning because he doesn't want to lose you.

When a man falls in love, he loses fear of labeling.A word he used to hate because he was always dating the wrong girls, "girlfriend" isn't a dirty word for him anymore.

But right now, calling you his girlfriend is the nicest thing his mouth has ever said.

3. His friends and family know about you


A man who is proud to be with you will tell all of his friends and family about you.To his close friends to the people he sometimes drinks with.His parents and siblings to distant relatives.

Since he won't keep you a secret, they all know you are his girlfriend.You have such an incredibly special place in his heart that he wishes to tell everyone, including those closest to him.

When you realize that every person who matters to him knows about you, then you know he has true feelings for you.You can tell that he has sincere intentions and isn't about to break your heart.

You will realize that no one is unaware of you with every new person he introduces you to.There's no doubt that he has already told them about your relationship, even though you know how often people keep that to themselves.

However, it is only a sign that he doesn't want to lose you, since his ultimate goal is to win you over.He chose you, and he's obviously going to stick by that, since there is no one else he wants more than you.

4. He treats you with respect


Those who are proud to be with you will show that by the way they treat you.Whenever he sees you, he will show how much he admires you.

Despite the fact that you are the only person he fully trusts, he will value your opinion and rely on your advice.Your needs are important to him. So he'll be sure to treat you well, just as you deserve.

He won't ever treat you like a lesser being.In lieu of that, he'll show you how much he loves you every chance he gets.

Even when he's upset, he won't ever take out his anger on you.He respects you enough to understand that you don’t deserve it.

Both in good times and bad, you will always be his partner.True men will never even consider putting you down.His treatment of women is not demeaning to them.

He knows that very well and that’s why, no matter what, you’ll always have his full attention and respect.

5. He only talks great things about you, even when you’re not around

.This is how you know you've got a good catch.

It is easy to compliment someone who is standing directly next to you.In the end, though, what matters most is how you speak about that same person when they're out of sight.

A guy who does not care much about you is unlikely to care about how he presents you to others.If he sees your back, he won't mind talking about your flaws because deep down, he could care less about your feelings.

A real man would not slander your name.His friends will never talk about you behind your back, so you won't have to experience that.

Instead, he'll always make sure to point out your best skills.You can be wrong about something and he still will defend you in front of others and then tell you the truth when no one is around.

You will never be put down by him, especially not in public.It makes him feel good to be with you, so he's only going to talk great things about you, since you're the best person he's ever met.

In the meantime, you’ll deal with your issues privately, when no one’s looking, because that’s how a healthy relationship works.

6. He brags about you to others

The way he always brags about you will tell you he is proud of you.Whenever you're together, he'll only talk wonderful things about you.

He'll be proud of all your accomplishments.Every time he talks about you, he'll focus on how hardworking and responsible you are.

Because of your caring boyfriend, your mutual friends will know how amazing you are.

Despite being in a relationship with someone he still thinks you are amazing, he wants the rest of the world to know it.Though you don't realize it, he thinks you're the most capable woman he's ever met.

You'll continue to be praised by him as long as he knows you're remarkable.The rest of the world should know that as well.

7. He never hides his feelings for you from the rest of the world

It won't be in your mind to see him let go of your hand because he doesn't want others to know that you're dating.It won't occur to others you have a relationship with him since he never sits across from you.

It would be unthinkable for a real man who is proud to be with you to act like that.

.You don't have to worry about what others might think about his behavior or how they may see him as less of a man because of it.

You are the only one he cares about.To him, smiling is one of the most important things. But even more important, he wants to be the one to make you smile.

Whenever you are happy, he will kiss you, hold your hand and do whatever you want.It is not his intention to hide his feelings from you. Instead, he wants everyone to see exactly how smitten he really is.

You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to him and he’ll shout it from the rooftop for everyone to hear.

8. He remembers the little details you share with him

You should be with someone who is proud to have you.Someone who listens attentively to everything you say so as not to miss anything.

That’s how you know you’ve found yourself the right man.

It's when you tell him about the problem you had few days ago and then he asks if you've resolved it that you know he cares.That is a sign he cares when you talk about things most guys don't care about but he remembers.

.You'll learn that you made the right choice when you least expect it.

9. He’s your biggest fan

In spite of your frustration, he supports your goals.He will be the wind under your wings if it seems you won't make it because he wants you to fly.

His belief in you and support of your dreams is unwavering.Your friend is always there for you, encouraging you and letting you know you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

It doesn't pass a day when you're not hearing him give you a pep talk, reminding you of your strengths.You can achieve whatever you want, and he will never stop telling you that.

When you finally find someone that is proud to have you, you will be able to tell by his actions.You'll know when you see him cheering for you, supporting you.

So, as long as you already have a man like this, forget about leaving him.You can tell that he cares about you by the way he treats you.

In acting this way, he's not trying to win your affection.Since he fell for you hard, he can't imagine life without you.

10. He never makes you feel bad for your flaws

When you're proud of yourself, any flaw you have can become a positive attribute.His opinion will always be that you are amazing even when you constantly put yourself down.

His best memory of you is when he met you.There's no way he would want to lose you. You're the kindest, the most special girl he ever loved.

.He knows that we all have them, so he doesn't even bring them up.

Although you dislike the way you speak too much, he loves to listen to your voice.Having calmed him down helps him appreciate the day you walked into his life.

.The other person enjoys your smile and wants to see it for the rest of his life.

If you are proud to have a guy, he will never mention your flaws because he doesn't want you to feel that they define you.As a result, he'll keep stressing your good qualities, because he wants you to be confident in yourself.

As he sees you, he would like for you to truly see yourself.He would feel like a winner if he achieved that.

11. He won’t try to keep you a secret

Finding a man who won't keep you a secret is a sign of right choices.The minute someone better walks into your life, you know that you have a guy who won't leave.

To him, you’re the best woman he could ever be with and he doesn’t care to replace you with anyone else.

.Then he will tell them that he is with you and does not wish to cancel his plans.

Because he hasn't seen you much in the last week, he always invites you along when he goes out with friends.He tells them that he misses you and that he won't leave you behind only to hang out with them.

.Despite his busy life, you'll always come first on his list of people he cares about.

He doesn’t want to lose you and that’s why he’ll treat you respectfully so you don’t ever consider walking away from him.

12. You’ll see he’s proud of you in the way he looks at you

If he looks at you, he will know he chose the right person.

You can tell that he is proud to call you his - proud to have such a beautiful woman as you beside him.From his expression, you can already tell how much he cares about you.

Your gut will tell you in life when you have found the right person, and that's when you've hit the jackpot.It is when you realize you are in a relationship with someone who is not planning on hurting you.

You are always told to be with someone who is proud of you.If you find a guy who treats you in all the ways mentioned above, then you know you made the right decision.

You’ve found yourself a man who doesn’t want to lose you and his actions truly confirm that.