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Smith, Gilliam, Williams & Miles"s client base varieties from neighborhood individuals and also businesses to national conglomeprices in the metro Atlanta area, throughout Georgia, and also other states throughout the country. Whether representing a huge or small company or individuals, we venture to live up to the trust put in us by our clients.


“In the past decade Bill has actually offered as a valuable reresource for my clients. He has a distinct method of pointing out the prominence of Estate planning to wbelow my clients are eager to administer the information and also finish the procedure in a timely manner. What sets Bill acomponent is his genuine care of the civilization he functions for and also with. Not only will he always offer you an hoswarm opinion, he will certainly go out of his means to make sure the estate planning process satisfies eextremely require of the client. He breaks his complicated project down right into language that is understandable and also relatable for clients in all various stages in life. I cannot say sufficient great points to define the attorney and also male he is. I would certainly very recommfinish him to anyone searching for an hoswarm, fair and caring Estate attorney.

- Anonymous Financial Advisor

“As a customer, I proudly recommfinish Bill Rhoads. I trust him with all my legal matters. I have actually had actually the pleasure of working with Bill personally and professionally. I always recommend Bill to help my clients. His down- to-earth, real-world technique constantly makes me feel comfortable that my legal matters are being tackled competently and through care. Bill is constantly responsive. Almethods meticulous. Always willing to take the moment to explain things. His legal acumen and insight have actually been crucial in assisting me and my clients through our legal problems.

- Samuel Latimer, CPA, Rushton and Company, LLC

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