Green and Purple: An Introduction

Whenever we think of nature, perhaps green is the first color to cross our minds! And if we consider purple, it may not be as common as green in the outside world, but it is a favorite of many. We love it too, because it is a balance of red and blue - two primary colors that are warm and cool respectively. So what do these wonderful colors green and purple make when they are mixed? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this unique mix!Mixing green and purple would give a greenish brown or a muddy grey. Since these are neutral colors, they could be used to mix with other colors to create tones.

1. Understanding the Color Wheel and Color Theory

secondary color

2. How to create multiple hues of grey and brown?

What happens if you add more green to the mix?

What happens if you add more purple to the mix?

3. What is the color psychology of brown and grey?

Although both brown and grey are neutral colors, they have different effects on the mind. Brown:Grey:

4. How to use greenish brown and muddy grey in art

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5. How to use greenish brown and muddy grey in design

Browns and greys create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.Greenish brown and muddy grey can be used together to create a natural and relaxing touch.Here are a few points to remember whenever you decide to incorporate brown and grey into any space.For jam-packed spaces, light values of neutral colors make the room look more open.When using brown and grey together, remember to keep contrast in mind. If one of the colors is dark, the other one must be lighter. Unless you want an all-dark or all-light look to compensate for the largeness or tiny size of a space.PRO-TIPadd bronze objectsDark bronze can look very good with a greenish brown or muddy grey backdrop. Since it is reflective, even the darkest of metallic objects could shine against colors having dark shades.


So mixing green and purple would give you either a greenish-brown or a muddy grey. If you add more green, you will more likely get grey and if you add more brown, you would most probably end up with a greenish-brown or dark brown. Since both of these are neutral colors, you could mix them with other colors to create lighter and darker values. And when it comes to design, browns and greys can be used as is with multiple values or even paired with any other color at all.Do you want to learn more about color mixing? Have a look at this awesome color you can get by mixing pink and yellow !

What color does Pink & Yellow make? Absolutely Stunning!

Pink and yellow - two happy colors that evoke a warm and cozy feeling. But what do you get when you mix them together?

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