Whether you’re using an Android phone, an iPhone, a tablet, or any other device, putting the device on airplane mode prevents it from receiving calls and texts. But is there a way to see the calls you’ve missed while in that mode?

Depending on the features included in your service plan,once you turn off flight mode you may get a notification from your carrier with the calls you’ve missed while in airplane mode. The carrier network has the ability to save that information and send it to you once your device is back online.

In this article, we’ll answer all of your queries concerning airplane mode, aka flight mode.

Will missed calls show up on airplane mode?

You will not be notified while your phone is still in airplane mode as it effectively disables all network operations, much like a dormant or switched-off smartphone.

Some carriers offer a missed call alert service. With this service, your carrier sends you a message about the number of calls you received while your phone was in airplane mode. This is a carrier-specific service and might be a paid option with your carrier.

What happens if someone calls you when your phone is on airplane mode?

When you enable airplane mode, it transmits a request to your network operator that your device is about to get into the ‘power off’ status. When someone calls you, they will listen to a message from your network operator declaring that your phone has been “switched off.”

In a nutshell, you will not get any calls while on airplane mode. Your phone will not ring when it is in airplane mode.

Why am I getting airplane mode calls?

It is possible to receive calls in airplane mode if Wi-Fi is enabled on your device. You can get calls directed through the internet, from sources like instant messengers, or if you have Wi-Fi calling enabled. There are two types of airplane modes – Absolute airplane mode and Wi-Fi only airplane mode:

1. Absolute Airplane Mode

Absolute flight mode blocks all the signals from every source. It puts your device in a complete lockdown state concerning calls, messages, and the internet.

You can enable this mode by sliding down the notification panel on your phone and tapping on the airplane mode icon.


Airplane mode, on the other contrary, completely disabled cellular and internet connectivity for your device. However, after selecting flight mode, you may still use certain functions such as browsing photos, playing offline games, playing music, and performing other tasks that do not require a phone network.

Is airplane mode the same as safe mode?

Airplane mode is not the same as safe mode. They are two different features on a device, used for distinct purposes.

Safe Mode

Safe mode is a booting mode that allows the operating system to restart in troubleshooting mode rather than regular mode. It is generally used to debug a device experiencing bugs and functioning issues after installing a new software update.

Safe mode blocks third-party apps from running and helps detect any issues on the device.

Airplane Mode

Airplane mode, on the other hand, blocks wireless transmitters on the phone, such as the cellular radio and Wi-Fi. On some devices, flight mode may also deactivate Bluetooth and GPS.

Its ultimate goal is to prevent any radio or wireless interference with critical equipment aboard commercial flights.