Power Plays

The players in a hockey game are 5 skaters and 1 goalie.

The term power play refers to when a team has an additional skater than the opposing team.

When a team has five skaters on the ice and the other team has four skaters, it is on a power play.

There are fewer players on the other team.

An illegal act is considered a power play when a player receives a penalty call.

A player who tripped would be sent to the penalty box for two minutes.

As part of this, the other team is on a power play, while the offending team is down a player.

When a power play is in progress, the words power play will be next to the team that is in possession of an extra skater on the scoreboard.

Power Play Rules



Players who are in the penalty box are shorthanded, meaning they have one fewer skater on the ice.

If you commit a major penalty, your team will be playing 4-on-5 for five minutes.As soon as the penalty clock expires, the skater returns to the ice and the team is back to full strength or 5-on-5.

Penalty Killing

As the term implies, penalty killing is a practice of the short-handed team to run off the penalty clock without allowing the other team to score.

If your team is short-handed or down a skater, an icing infraction cannot be called.If you are committed to penalty killing, dump the puck across the ice.


When do power plays happen in hockey?

When a player is penalized in a game, they are sent to the penalty box for a specified amount of time.

Are there power plays in hockey overtime?

It is possible for a power play to happen in overtime.3-on-2 overtime is possible during the NHL regular season.

Do power plays carry over through periods?

It's possible for a power play to continue into the next period if time is left on the penalty clock.

Can both teams be on a power play at the same time?

Both teams can be on a power play simultaneously.Usually, after a fight on the ice, this will happen.

How long does a power play last in hockey?

Depending on the type of penalty called, a power play can last between two and five minutes.Minor penalties will last two minutes.For a major penalty, a power play will last five minutes.

What happens if a goal is scored on a power play in hockey?

Whenever a team scores on a power play, the power play ends.When a team on a power play scores, the power play is not over.

Is icing called during power plays?

If the team is on the power play, then an icing infraction will be enforced.Despite this, icing is never called when a team is without a player or short-handed.

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