A cardinal sign with an earthy characteristic, Capricorn resides in the sign of the Mountain Goat.But what does it mean?.Capricorns are practical, solid people who are capable of becoming outstanding leaders, and whom perseverance is necessary to deal with adversity."Rock in the surf" is what many people would describe him as, as he is not easily ruffled. .Because of this, he is not easily dazzled and he knows where everything stands. .The zodiac sign was often depicted as part goat (upper body) and part fish (tail fin).Today, this idea has gone out of fashion.

What is its mythological background?.old!old! This is one of the oldest constellations.

The element of water is essential here as it represents the unconscious.In ancient representations, the fish symbolized the great subconscious of those born under Capricorn, according to some astrologers.We can visualize Capricorn at a party in the 'real world'.A deep Capricorn will not engage in small talk.A Capricorn quickly switches from superficial to deep topics.Even in loud parties, Capricorns withdraw into a corner and converse with their partner about God and the world.

But that's not all we have to tell about the Capricorn!

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The qualities of Capricorn

As a member of the earth element, Capricorn joins the zodiac signs Taurus and Virgo.Accordingly, Capricorn has a black and brown coloration.The Capricorn is a reliable contemporary. .In order to avoid being controlled by this characteristic with reflection, the Capricorn needs to remind himself again and again that there are also other approaches.

Additionally, he is a true workhorse, making him - like his elementary "colleagues" Virgo and Taurus - a star sign that can amass some considerable wealth.


Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn were all in Capricorn in 2020, fostering a growth spurt.There have been some tests of patience and character in store for you as well as tests of stamina.Therefore, Capricorns have come out on top of this difficult year.Why is that?.Since Capricorn prides itself on its discipline of never giving up and going his or her own way.With everything else going on, the Capricorn was really able to show off its expertise when it came to handling difficulties.As a result, the Capricorn stellium decisively shaped the year (by this, I mean more than two planets' positions as compared to each other).

And so it continued for the Capricorns in 2021!Saturn, the sign ruler of Capricorn, is the year's ruler. Uranus is also on the "Capricorn" side this year. This means: new tasks await the mountain dwellers and bring long-awaited freedom and independence. And not only materially, but also mentally! A positive side effect of the influence of Uranus is that Saturn is in Aquarius and will therefore be less strict with you. It is very important to say "NO" to your many obligations in a healthy way. This alone will give a real boost to the self-confidence of Capricorns in 2021!

Saturn is the coldest planet in our solar system, and it has the slowest rotation rate.As such, it has a great influence on Capricorn.Money is one of Capricorn's favorite things, as we have described in detail above.He thrives on accumulating it.Yet not to show off or boast, but rather to protect him and the ones he loves.Hence, a "money gene" is present and it wants to be strengthened in the long term.However, Capricorn isn't interested in "fast money".Also, this - given as an example - is why one Saturn orbit around the Sun takes 29 years.Why?

Therefore, Capricorn-born people are characterized by great patience rather than inertia.Working for years toward a goal?.Sure!.Perpetual dripping wears out the stone.

But let's get back to Capricorn and Saturn!

Here, we see a fascinating parallel with the Rider-Waite Tarot, the most famous Tarot of all time.The 22 cards of the Major Arcana divide life into 3 captivating sections.You might guess via this question who these stages are also connected to: You guessed right!

Some people less affected by this card, while others more affected.Yet it also represents a desire to control and possess.It can also turn into an excessive focus on material needs.Consequently, the Devil card in the Rider-Waite Tarot also indicates that Capricorn can lack a certain amount of lightness.Having awareness of this makes countering it easier.How can we say this?

.Whether.That's because it represents the petrification or what would be called the ossification of Capricorn, which leads to severe back pain and tension.

It would be in our best interest to examine the devil card once again: the devil drives addiction.Fear is instilled.These fears go deep into the bones of Capricorns.I see it again: not achieving one's goals can be very, very unpleasant for Capricorns. Dear Capricorns, don't be chased by the darkness of your fear.That could result in a fatal outcome.


Houses form the basic structure of a horoscope.Those are the 12 characteristics in all, each of which represents some aspect of our lives.This includes communication, love, financial talent, self-confidence, and perception of oneself and what is around one. .We explain what it means to have a house in the sign of Capricorn.

house of personality: house of possessions: house of communication: House of the Family: house of creativity and joy: House of Everyday Life: house of relationship and partnershiphouse of transformations and backstoryHouse of Faith and Knowledgehouse of careerhouse of community, and vision of the future: house of spirituality and imagination


Taurus, Virgo, and Pisces are favored in the Capricorn world.

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