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As per Wikipedia: Paul: McCartney attended Stockton Wood Road Primary School in Speke from 1947 until 1949, when he transferred to Joseph Williams Junior School in Belle Vale because of overcrowding at Stockton.

Additionally, when was the last time all four Beatles were together? August 20, 1969

Beside this, how many of the Beatles are alive?


What was John Lennon"s IQ?

Wikipedia"s entry on John Lennon claims John"s IQ was tested when he was 16 and that his IQ was 165.

Did the Beatles live on Penny Lane?

John Lennon
Penny Lanelived

Where do the Beatles live now?


Can paul McCartney read or write music?

Paul McCartneyread or write musiccould

Where did paul McCartney grow?

Paul McCartney

Did the Beatles read music?

Beatlesread musicmusicianscouldBeatlecould

What college did paul McCartney go to?

Did the Beatles live together?

Beatleslived together

Did the Beatles grow up poor?


What is paul McCartney worth?

What made the Beatles unique?


What if the Beatles never existed?

What if The Beatles never existedBeatles

How much are each of the Beatles worth?


What really broke up the Beatles?

Beatles breakup

Who was the most important Beatle?

Are the Beatles still friends?


What name did the Beatles originally go by?


Who left the Beatles first?

What was the last Beatles song ever recorded?

How many years did the Beatles perform together?


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