Research has proved that sexual intercourse requires you to insert your penis into the vaginal opening located within the vulva (also known as vaginal lips). You will find it in the pubic region where the skin parts inside, just below the clitoris.


What Happens when a Male is Sexually Excited?

When a male is sexually excited, the blood in the body rushes to the genitals during arousal. An increased and healthy blood flow to the penis causes it to become erect, preparing it to be inserted into the vagina.

How to Insert the Penis into the Vagina?

How can you insert the male organ into the female organ? As per a study, sexual intercourse involving the insertion of a penis into a vagina is known as vaginal sex. It could occur when the penis is fully erect, and the vagina is well lubricated. To make the experience more enjoyable, you should consider the following points.


Your partner may show interest with signs like shifting the conversation towards sex, increasing closeness to you when you both are together or touching you for sexual stimulation. But even then, you should communicate with your partner and ensure you have their consent before indulging in vaginal sex.


Unsafe sex could lead to unwanted pregnancy and increase the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Use a condom for protection and any future health-related complications for you and your partner.

In a scenario where one has already had unprotected sex, women can consume an I-pill or any emergency contraceptive to avoid pregnancy.

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This is particularly important to get into the right mood and prepare your body physically and mentally before penetration. Implementing some sexy bedroom ideas may also be worth your time. Foreplay leads to a fully erect penis and a wet vagina. Both of these are essential to have a pleasant sexual experience. Inserting the penis into a dry vagina is painful and discomforting for women. Foreplay also helps understand what sexually arouses your partner. This could further assist in achieving an intense orgasm.


Sexual experiences are a vast ocean full of endless possibilities. You can switch it up by using props and lubes etc. Men could use a delay spray on the penis to increase the duration of their erection. However, discuss with your partner before involving such methods, especially sex toys, during sexual intercourse and make sure they are comfortable.


Conversations enhance intimacy and make sex more enjoyable. It will help you understand what your partner likes and dislikes in bed. At the same time, you can communicate your preferences as well. Specific physical cues like moans, whispers, nods and smiles are also effective non-verbal communication methods.

Where Shall I Insert the Penis during Sex?

Research has proved that sexual intercourse requires you to insert your penis into the vaginal opening located within the vulva (also known as vaginal lips). You will find it in the pubic region where the skin parts inside, just below the clitoris.

How to have Sex Without Feeling Pain?

Keep the following points in mind to have painless sex:

Use lubrication.Give sufficient time to foreplay.Be patient.Take a hot shower or aromatherapy before indulging in sexual activity.Discuss sexual likes and dislikes with your partner.

What does Sex Feel like for Women?

What a woman feels like during sex is subjective. Some women feel like they are being slowly filled by something, causing them immense pleasure. Other women have gone on record to say that sex felt tingly, shivery, hot, and like electricity was running through their body. Make sure to ask your partner how she is feeling from time-to-time during sex. If she likes it, feel free to continue what you are doing and stop immediately if she doesn"t.

How Many Holes Does a Woman Have?

How many holes exist in the female body? The female vulva has two openings. One is the urethra where women urinate from. The second is the vaginal opening, right below your urethra where you should insert your penis. Third opening that women have is the anus. So which holes should you be stimulating? Both the vaginal opening and the anus can be stimulated. Ask your partner what she likes.


Does Everyone Bleed the First Time they Have Sex?

No, everyone doesn"t bleed during their first sexual experience.

As per a study, women usually bleed during their first vaginal penetration because their Hymen gets torn or stretched. According to research, the Hymen is a thin fleshy tissue partially covering the vaginal opening. Most cultures consider an intact hymen as a sign of a woman"s virginity. However, this is not medically correct.

Hymens could break due to various reasons such as an intense physical workout, injury to the vagina, etc. Some women are born without Hymen. Hence, all women may not bleed when a penis is inserted into her vagina.

How do you know if the Hymen is Intact?

Women can check whether their Hymen is broken or intact at home by following the steps given below:

Clean the hands thoroughly.Take a small, lightweight mirror that you can easily hold with one hand.Put the mirror in front of the vagina and angle it to give you a clear view of the vaginal opening.Apply any lubricant or saliva on your fingers to avoid discomfort or pain.Open up the vaginal lips or labia using your fingers.If you can see a curved, thin and fleshy membrane at the downward side of the vaginal opening, your Hymen is intact.

There is no reason to worry even if a woman"s Hymen isn"t intact. It is a vestigial organ like wisdom teeth or appendix and doesn"t serve any purpose. Also, it is a fragile and delicate fleshy membrane that could easily break due to many reasons other than sexual intercourse, such as,

Physical exercises like cycling, stretching or gym activitiesMasturbation that involves finger insertionUsing tampons

It may also wear off or shrink back into the vaginal wall with time. Hence even if a woman doesn"t bleed during sex, it doesn"t imply her engagement in sexual activity before that.

Inserting your penis into a vagina is a pleasurable experience for both parties involved. So make sure you follow the pro tips and tricks to make it so!

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Best Position for First Time Sex

Do you know what the orgasm gap is? Statistics record that about 95% of straight men almost always orgasm during sex compared to a disappointing 65% straight women. This is due to several reasons but one of them is because the female orgasm is complex and depends on varied factors such as comfort, intimacy and sexual desire in that particular moment.

Hence, choosing the best sex position for a female orgasm is a great way to insert your penis into the vagina.

Here are some best sex positions for your first time:

Let your woman get on top while you lie down on your back. Giving her control of the act can show her you care which is likely to feel safe and achieve orgasm. Doggy style works great for women as it allows for deeper penetration that could lead to her achieving orgasm.

Above all, however, it is communication with your partner and being receptive to her needs that makes sexual intercourse pleasurable for individuals involved.


What are Home Remedies to Reduce Pain During Intercourse?

Make sure to empty your bladder fully and have a warm bath. Buying a lubricant is a good idea to make sure you can insert the penis in the vagina comfortably. Using a water-based lubricant, free from harmful chemicals is your best bet. If you or your partner experience pain, make sure to communicate it to each other. If the pain is too intense, make sure to take a painkiller you know you won"t have an allergic reaction to.

Does your Body Change after Becoming Sexually Active?

It is important to note that sex doesn"t alter the way your body looks. In fact, there is no connection between the growth of your body and sexual activity. Many are under the misconception that sex and bodily changes coincide because they are interrelated. However, this is false. It is hormones that cause changes in your body.

How To Satisfy A Woman In 60 Seconds? Can You?

Different types of women take varied amounts of time to get satisfied. Putting a number on this time would be providing incorrect information. However, kissing your partner, extended foreplay and clitoral stimulation are sure shot ways to get a woman aroused.


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