Our college organised a workshop on analyzing and reviewing the movie on “TAARE ZAMEEN PAR”.


Movie Review –

The story is unusual but not unknown. The message that the story tries to convey is already known to us, but most of us just remain ignorant to it. Aamir Khan, the director, has handled the delicate theme with dexterity and precision. He has not just succeeded in making every child a hero but actually helped us see a child in ourselves. Just like no man is perfect no matter what position he commands in the society, every child with both their ability and inabilities is special and talented in their own way. The movie isn’t just about a child suffering from dyslexia and his challenges, it’s also about how parents get carried away by today’s competitive world and fail to understand their child’s dreams and nurture their inborn talents. Unlike any other enlightening entertainer which focuses more on the hero, Aamir has given the child more footage and captured every emotion deftly thereby focusing on its root cause and maintaining its significance throughout the movie. A number of sequences leave you moist eyed and you feel deeply attached to the child. At the end of the movie you are left speechless and spellbound.Music by Shanker – Ehsaan – Loy is great and lyrics by Prasoon Joshi are brilliant, they blend well with the movie.


Aamir khan as Ram Shankar Nikumbh ( mentor of protagonist) Darsheel safary as Ishaan Awasthi (protagonist) Tisca chopra as Maya Awasthi (mother of protagonist ) Vipin Sharma as Nandkishore Awasthi (protagonists father)

Producer : Aamir Khan

Director : Aamir Khan, Amol Gupte and Ram Madhvani

Writer : Amole Gupte

Music : Shankar – Ehsaan – Loy

Lyrics  : Prasoon Joshi

Duration : 2 Hours 44 Minute


A child is a gift of god, a blessing from above, a picture of purity and innocence. As Rabindra Nath Tagore said “every child comes with a message that god is not discouraged of man. Every child is a star on earth, is special who cleanses the soul , an empty canvas, waiting to be painted with love.



The movie is about an 8 year old boy Ishaan Awasthi (Darsheel Safary) who finds it difficult to match his world of colors, kites and animals to that of the others in his age group, who are more into studies and homework. When complaints start to pour in, Ishaan’s parents decide to set him off to a boarding school. His life is no different at the boarding school, oppressed and insulted by his teachers, he remains the laugh stock of the class. Now that he is away from home, he feels even more dejected, inferior and finds it tough to cope up with his inabilities. Ram Shankar Nikumbh (Aamir Khan) gets appointed as a temporary art teacher of the boarding school. Unlike other teachers who follow definite norms in educating children, Ram makes them think out of books, outside the four walls of the classroom and paint their imaginations. Every child in class responds with immense enthusiasm except Ishaan. Ram takes effort to understand Ishaan and his problems. He makes Ishaan’s parents and other teachers realize that he is not abnormal but a very special child with talents of his own. With time, patience and care Ram succeeds in boosting the confidence level of Ishaan. He helps Ishaan in overcoming his inabilities and re-discover his lost confidence.



Ishaan suffers from DYSLEXIA ( a learning disability in which the child is not able to read the letters and recognize them. Also cannot calculate the speed and velocity with which the object is approaching the child) and no one around him recognizes that he is a slow learner. The pace of the first half gives you time to think of normal children who are just not academically inclined. The resolution in the second half, however, comes by too quickly compared to the trauma shown earlier. About 45 minutes post-interval, Darsheel Safary (Ishaan) said a line which made me realize that he hadn’t said a line in the last hour or so. There I was feeling sorry for Ishaan, feeling like yelling at someone to give him a big hug while I fought this lump in my throat that had been there for the longest time.



Ishaan shared a loving relationship with his parents, however they were a bit too career oriented to keenly observe the difficulty faced by the child. He shared a very friendly bond with his elder brother but at the same time he had to face continuous comparisons with him as he was a class topper and tennis champion but that didn’t seem to affect their bond.





The parents and teachers can help in the smooth transition from home to school by being proactive and helping them ease the anxiety . The teacher should organize a parents meet before the first day of school and before the start of any session to discuss the annual development report They should be soft towards the child and deal the situation patiently as the child is not very much like other normal ones and they might take some time or some other means to grasp a particular concept . They should be introduced to friendly faces so that they can share any problem or talks with the trusted faces as they are not very much open to everyone . The peer group should be broad minded and soft enough to include that child in maximum activities so that they don’t feel isolated . They should not call names .


If the teachers and parents have to be equipped well to deal with special child then it’s the role of society also as a whole to deal with it nicely . There shouldn’t be any apathetic attitude towards them as it can cause a big hurdle in inclusion . Under Sarva siksha abhiyan , the institution cannot deny the admission of a child on the grounds of special requirements . The institution has to provide the facility they require and hire special instructors for them so that they aren’t neglected. Institutions should provide them an environment of equality and also their confidence would raise if they see themselves parallel to other normal children.


According to me , inclusive education is the need of the time . There is no point of separating those children from the society in the name of special schools , training centers etc. if they will not see the parallel world how are they going to cope up once graduated . It is better if all the children are kept under the same institutions and both types of children are taught to cooperate with each other. It will not only boost the confidence and ability of a special child but also help the normal child to broaden mindset and take motivation from them.


This remains an all time favorite movie since 2007. No matter how many times I see it, I just cannot fight back my tears ! I related the movie with the real life situation and I really want to convey the message to those parents that they are not disabled children, they are just differently abled and posses some talent which no one generally does like the beautiful painting skills of Ishaan at such a young age in the movie . Handle them with care , patience and a lot of love because they are like stars on earth.