"You think you know me / but you don't really know me, at all.. " These lyrics describe the podcast's themes, which include true stories of deception, crime, and other horrors.

Almost all stories are true and told by real people who try to share their woes.Oftentimes, friends and family members help fill in necessary details for listeners.Many individuals featured view how red the flags can get before recognizing that there is no time to waste.The popular show is currently in its ninth season, hosted by Tiffany Reese.

“Who the F*ck is Ardie?”

In the ninth season, we explore the lives of two survivors, Danielle and Kenji, who both had unfortunate experiences with a man they believed to be familiar with.In both stories, they had the same goal, “Who the F*ck is Ardie?”.””

A dating app brought Danielle and Ardie together in 2011.In Danielle's final year of grad school, Ardie was finishing his medical studies at UCLA.Ari, 25, was from the United Kingdom, and Danielle, 30, was from California.As a teenager, he graduated high school early, studied at Oxford, joined the British Army, and served for four years.Adrien arrived at UCLA for the Neurological program.

I was hoping that Ardie would be able to have children before the age of thirty.Danielle says she was drawn to his charisma, but not superficially.She felt anxious about this aspect of her relationship.Ardie liked to surprise people with flowers and things.He and Yvonne got closer from the get-go.The baby shower for her sister was about to take place, so Danielle asked her family their opinions about Ardie.They all thought he was "nice."

How red do these flags get…

As their relationship blossoms, Danielle remembers the first red flag.Adrien wants to live in England someday.Additionally, he wanted to join Doctors Without Borders.By December, Danielle had fully committed herself to the relationship.Angry over Danielle's gift choices, Adrie complained.The two spent all their free time together in 2012, including taking Danielle's siblings on trips.Danielle was encouraged to contact Ardie's mother to get to know his family.


Danielle reveals an unfortunate secret, and Ardie rethinks the relationship.Additionally, Danielle comes to know about Ardie's spiritual abilities.It doesn't faze her.



Danielle and Ardie went to get the names tattooed on each other.She proposes to Ardie, and he accepts.When they move in together, Ardie snaps at her.Danielle is asked to spot Ardie after reports of wire transfers from his family abroad failed.


A red flag appears in both episodes of the first season.David is abusive and jealous of Danielle's old friends and flings.When Danielle graduates, she moves to San Diego for work.The woman pays both their apartments, and the man refuses to visit her.


.One of Danielle's family friends works at UCLA and finds out Ardie doesn't work at the hospital where he claims to intern.


After calling the hospital herself, asking for Ardie on the line, and the office confirming that he doesn't work there, Danielle is convinced there is nothing wrong.Due to military privacy issues, he goes by different names.Dani accepts that explanation.


Danielle becomes pregnant, and Ardie almost misses the birth of his child.At the end of the second episode, Danielle is struggling financially, and moves back in with her parents.Is she going to remain in that relationship?


Tiffany makes sure to inform listeners that “Something Was Wrong” offers a mental health resource page on their site to learn more.