There is no doubt that Squid Game is a cultural phenomenon that has captivated audiences throughout the world.The chapter introduces detective Joon-ho, known as number 29.

Warning major spoilers ahead!

Squid Game breaks Netflix records

The hit-new Korean drama Squid Game has taken the world by storm, reaching the top spot in Netflix’s top 10 in over 90 countries worldwide.

Four hundred and sixty-six people with extraordinary debts enter the Squid Game to win around $45.6 billion won ($38 million).However, they don't realize that if they lose one of these children's games, they will die.

Who is guard number 29 in Squid Game?

In the original story, number 29 refers to an anonymous guard whose identity is assumed by detective Joon-ho (Wi Ha-jun) while on the ferry to the Squid Game compound.His brother is missing, and he believes they are linked, so he is interested in the Squid Game.

Number 29, now Joon-ho, has to act quickly to take on the role of the guard, learning the rules of the organisation, such as not speaking to your superior unless spoken to, and figuring out what his next-door neighbour, number 28, wants from him.


Morse code was used at night in their rooms to communicate with guard number 28.As covert divers working on an illegal organ harvesting operation, number 28 would try to share info with number 29 by coughing and stealing information.

.After infiltrating the group, the detective begins searching for his brother and confronts guard number 28 to find out about previous winners of the Squid Game.

Following his discovery missing from his room, Number 29 goes on the run.However, he soon discovers that the game's front man is none other than his own brother!

Twitter explodes with number 29 edits

Many fans have fallen in love with detective Joon-ho, but have also taken to Twitter to edit in their own favourite celebrities in the place of number 29 once he reveals his identity behind his mask.