As members of the Justice League, they fought their first battle against an alien known as Starro the Conqueror in 1960's The Brave and the Bold #28.In order to defeat something one could not stop alone, the most powerful superheroes on the planet had to join forces. Since these characters are so powerful and prominent within DC Comics, there had to be someone who could lead and unite them.

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Some leaders have succeeded more than others over the years. .Others, however, have shown they are capable leaders with leadership skills, cunning battle strategies, and the moral ability to make the right decision when the chips are down.

.Despite Barry Allen's death in Crisis on Infinite Earths and Wally West's taking over, many considered him the best leader.

The other Justice League members respect him extremely and hold him in high regard due to his unquestionable moral authority.The Flash is one of the most underrated leaders the DC has ever had.

Aquaman fighting Ocean Master in the DC comics.
Although his tenure as leader of the Justice League came with one of the worst DC Comics in history, fans believe that Aquaman was naturally born for the role.

King of Atlantis, Aquaman has the ability to lead people into battle.When he takes control, he is a very respected leader since he takes the initiative rather than delegating power.As long as he splits his attention between Atlantis and the League, he will not be able to keep the role for a long time.

Martian Manhunter appears to be the perfect leader for the Justice League.He possesses all the traits necessary to lead a team of powerful warriors in the best possible way.Despite his strength, wisdom, and cunning, he is able to formulate a perfect battle plan by combining all these qualities.

A highly respected member of the team, he has also mentored many members of the younger generation as well as gained the trust of the most powerful members. .There is, however, one issue. As readers of the comic book series know, Martian Manhunter only takes on the role when necessary and eventually adapted to a lesser role with the Justice League over time. If this storyline were to be revisited in the future and Martian Manhunter were given more opportunity, he could emerge as an outstanding leader.

7 Green Lantern

Unlike other heroes, Green Lantern is born to lead.His qualifications include being a fearless member of the Justice League, a former airman, and a member of the Green Lantern Corps.While on Earth and with the Corps, he received intensive military training.

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In the battles with his team, the Green Lantern brings that tactical and strategic training into play.The team includes Hal Jordan and John Stewart.Green Lantern is not as iconic as the others since he was born into another calling - the Corps.

Even before he turned evil, Lord even secured UN sponsorship for his Justice League team, which became one of the most powerful groups on the planet.As a leader, he also showed great leadership skills in the New 52 and beyond.

5 Cyborg

The team had undergone major changes by the time DC Rebirth came around.Batman, the team leader, realized he would have to step down and Cyborg was hand-picked to take over.The young Cyborg received the wholehearted endorsement of Batman during his infancy, and he grew into a great leader as a result of both his computer skills and his strong moral principles.

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A master strategist, he knows exactly how to take out every member of the Justice League.In enough time, he can also devise a plan to defeat any villain.As a leader, he has often shown his leadership skill, and his teammates have respected him.

3 Superman

Superman is an undisputed leader because he never backs down from a battle and always does the right thing.He also sets an example of leadership so that those who follow him will follow him to the ends of the Earth.In spite of his trusting and naive nature, he still has many fans who support him because they believe that he is actually trying to do his best for everyone.

.This is typical of a natural leader, such as Wonder Woman.

1 Black Canary

.In Justice League of America #32, Superman said she was the perfect choice when he gave his vote of confidence to her leading the team; John Stewart said she was the best leader the Justice League ever had.