With the release of its anime and its final arc of the manga, Tokyo Revengers has taken the world by storm.Obviously, there will be a lot of powerful characters in a story about gang fights.The following are the top 20 most powerful characters in Tokyo Revengers.

Recently, two new characters have joined the series, who are likely to take a place on the list.Let's look at where each of our favorite characters ended up, sans further ado.

Warning Spoilers Alert: Fans are requested to note that this article includes manga spoilers.

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Top 20 Most Powerful Tokyo Revengers Characters Ranked-

20) Tetta Kisaki –

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Our list begins with the most notorious antagonist of all, Tetta Kisaki.His account is spectacular.He was a genius child in his younger days and never seemed to be the type to brawl.

He began to use his intelligence to craft grievous plots as an adult and let others do his work for him.

19) Takemichi Hanagaki –

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Takemichi's placement in the bottom half of this list makes sense.This makes Takemichi different from other anime heroes who gain power as the story progresses.Takemichi stands out because of this.

It is his enormous willpower and his unwavering determination to save the lives of those he loves that makes him thrive.He is among one of the strongest Tokyo Revengers characters because of his insane endurance and mental strength.

18) Chifuyu Matsuno –

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Mitsuya is also an extremely powerful character, but Chifuyu is equally a popular character in this series.He suffered many blows to his face to help Baji's plan succeed.

As time passes, he gradually becomes Takemichi's number one buddy.His fighting skills are exceptional, and he is capable of keeping an opposing force busy for a long time.

17) Souta Kawata –

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Outta is Smiley's twin brother, and he is known as Angry.He is completely different from his brother in almost every way.

Additionally, he possesses a secret power that activates when he starts crying.As we've seen in the fight against Tenjiku, he suddenly blew up and defeated most of Tenjiku's top members all by himself.

16) Hakkai Shiba –

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.He was tall and lanky, but due to his violent older brother, Taiju, he was meek.

.In the end, he made himself valuable to Toman against the Tenjiku Gang too.

15) Shiba Yuhuza –

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Only one female character is featured in this list, Shiba Yuhuza.Yuhuza is among the three major female characters in Tokyo Revengers.

She can put up a decent fight against anyone and has great endurance which developed due to the acts of violence by her older brother Taiju.

She has a heart made of gold and a courageous personality as we saw how she placed her life on the line in order to save her younger brother, Hakkai.

14) Shuji Hanma –

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Shuji Hanma is the next person on this list of the most powerful characters.As Kisaki's muscle guy, he was always found in violent areas.

He is a secondary antagonist in this series has tried to bring down the Tokyo Manji Gang on multiple occasions.

As a result, he has jumped from one gang to another in order to meet his thirst for violence.Thrilled by the rush of adrenaline in his blood, he fought against Draken with a great deal of courage.

13) Seishu Inui –

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Seishu Inui, popularly known as Inupi, was first introduced to us as an antagonist in the 10th generation Black Dragons.His level-headedness allows him to analyze situations perfectly before acting.

He is extremely committed to his gang, and that makes him willing to go the extra mile.As he grew up, he defeated many people before confronting Taiju.

12) Kakucho –

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In Tokyo Revengers anime, Kucho is one of the most underrated characters.As a Tenjiku Gang member, he was a childhood friend of Takemichi.

When Takemichi tried to save him in his childhood from bullies, it motivated Kakucho to train himself and become a strong character in the future.

.Eventually, he is recruited by Rokuhara Tendai, demonstrating that he can serve as a vital cog in any gang.

11) Nahoya Kawata –

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Known as Smiley, Nahoya was a very interesting character in the Tokyo Manji gang.The constant smile he has earned him the nickname, which works to hide his destructive nature.

He was the trump card of Toman as was highlighted by the fact that the Tenjiku members specifically targeted him in order to break down Toman’s spirits.

He can easily go up against a huge number of enemies and it also makes him happy when he gets to fight against strong opponents.

10) Takashi Mitsuya –

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Another trump card of Toman is Takashi Mitsuya.Besides being one of the most popular Tokyo Revengers characters, he is also one of the most popular ones in the series.

Similar to Nahoya, he was also attacked by the Tenjiku members proving his importance to Toman.

.Also, he is the most responsible member of the group, having raised his siblings already from a very young age.

9) Keisuke Baji –

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Keisuke Baji was one of the main members of the Tokyo Manji Gang as well as its most powerful founding member.According to a hierarchy of power, he was number three after Mikey and Draken.

Keisuke Baji stood out from the rest of the characters in Tokyo Revengers because he was quite perceptive of everything.He did not just rely on his strength; he could think as well.

He was easily able to look through the sinister ploy of Kiseki and worked accordingly as a double-agent to bring him down.

8) Taiju Shiba –

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In Tokyo Revengers, Taiju Shiba is by far the most powerful antagonist.A former leader of the 10th generation of Black Dragons, everyone dreaded his name.He had such a fearsome impact that no one dared to oppose him.

His strength is monstrous. He is extremely violent.Even his family does not have any sympathy for him.There is not a lot of pure effort and combative abilities that can take him down.

7) Rindo Haitani –

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The Rindo brothers, originally introduced during the battle against Valhalla, are known as the infamous Haitani family.Having made such an impact on the battle, they were brought in to serve as judges.Their membership in Rokuhara Tendai came later after they had been recruited by Tenjiku.

Known as a sadist, Rindo is the younger brother.Previous battles he has won against former Toman members like Hakkai and Angry have shown him to be powerful.

6) Ran Haitani –

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The older Haitani brother is also at the top of the Tokyo Revengers character list.It shows the immense faith a deity like Terano South has in Ran, to be number two of Rokuhara Tendai.

They have always operated as a duo together and spread terror far and wide.They can usually take down a gang or two by themselves when they pair up with Rindo.

5) Ken Ryuguji –

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Ken Ryuguji was Mikey's closest friend and the former second in command of the Manji Gang.He is a beast and has a dominating appearance.It is no surprise that he towers over other characters and can easily assert his superiority.

Even after receiving a large blow on the head with a rod, he was able to beat up 20 enemies.A knife was also shoved right through his stomach, but he was able to stand up without losing consciousness.

4) Izana Kurokawa –

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.Fortunately for Mikey, he had a step-sister who was a fearsome presence over his fellow gang members.

He didn’t look like a powerful character but he had an incredible sense that allowed him to read his opponents moves perfectly.

Consequently, it was almost impossible for his enemies to strike him.It further proves his strength that he could compete with Mikey at his level.

3) Terano South –

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It is the third of the Three Deities in Japan and the latest addition to the story.His Rokuhara Tendai gang is led by an extremely tall and intimidating character.

It made Draken seem insignificant to him because he towered over him.Then, he succeeded in beating Draken to a pulp easily, thus demonstrating his power and strength.

2) Kawaragi Senju –

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Similar to Terano, Senju is also one of the newer additions in this series and is definitely one of the most powerful characters in Tokyo Revengers anime.

However, he is clearly more athletic and has great mobility than Terano despite not seeming intimidating.In addition to his kick, his style of fighting was also similar to Mikey's in that he was easily able to strike Terano's neck.


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1) Sano Manjiro –

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Mikey, the Invincible, is the strongest Tokyo Revengers character, so it should come as no surprise.All fear him because he is the former leader of the Tokyo Manji gang.

Tokyo currently has him as one of the Three Deities.Draken and him once took down a whole gang by themselves.

Throughout Tokyo Revengers, Mickey stands up to any character and wins.Few people can withstand his kicks after he knocks them to the ground because of his incredible kick power.

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As such, we have accomplished our goal of ranking the top 20 most powerful Tokyo Revengers characters.It is currently the final arc of Tokyo Revengers, and two powerful new characters have changed the dynamic of the series completely.

The winner of this three-way gang war can only be decided by time.Manga readers can read the official website and watch Tokyo revengers from Crunchyroll.Tokyo Revengers articles will follow.Check back soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1- Is Mikey the strongest in Tokyo Revengers?

Ans- Yes, Mikey is the strongest in Tokyo Revengers.

Q2- Who is the MC of Tokyo Revengers?

Ans- Takemichi Hanagaki is the MC of Tokyo Revengers.

Q3- Who is the main villain in Tokyo Revengers?

Ans- Tetta Kisaki is the main villain in Tokyo Revengers.

Q4- Does Emma die in Tokyo Revengers?

Ans- Yes, Emma dies in Tokyo Revengers.

Q5- Is Tokyo Revengers like Erased?

Ans- Yes, there is a basic similarity in Tokyo Revengers with Erased.

Q6- Is Tokyo Revengers ending soon?

Ans- Yes, the Tokyo Revengers manga is ending soon.

Q7- Why is Tokyo Revengers so good?

Ans- Tokyo Revengers is so good due to its engaging plot and mind-blowing twists.

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