In ‘Treasure Island,’ Stevenson portrays both good and evil characters.They are both representative of human desires and temptations.


Jim Hawkins

'Treasure Island' is the story of a young boy, Jim Hawkins, whose father is an innkeeper near Bristol.Readers give their own views and feelings through the text.Despite that he seems impulsive and impetuous throughout the novel, Jim demonstrates courage and heroism with an increasing sensitivity and wisdom.Consequently, he becomes a young man who makes courageous decisions, often through risky means, rather than just a young boy full of enthusiasm.

The impulsive things he does from stealing Billy's maps to discovering the truth about the pirates and their mutiny plan, to finding Ben Gunn and enlisting him in their cause, to making a deal with Long Silver, to stealing the Hispaniola, to returning it to the captain in time to save them begin.The story continues long after Jim returns to his home and he is haunted by Long John Silver and his parrot in his dreams.

Billy Bones

During a visit to Jim's parents and Jim's relatives at Admiral Benbow, Billy Bones, an old seaman, comes to stay with Jim.First pirate Jim meets in the book, he has a ponytail and a cut on his cheek and a ragged, scarred appearance.At first, he hires Jim to be on the lookout for a one-legged individual.Long John Silver is a pirate who worked with Flint and it turns out he's the one-legged man.

Pirates were on the lookout for him because he was carrying a treasure map, which sparks the whole story.Even with his dubious behavior and refusal to pay his hotel bills, Jim feels genuinely sad when he passes away at the end of the first part of the book.

Squire Trelawney

Landowner Squire John Trelawney is a good-natured, honest nobleman.His long travels have left him with a bluff, rough-and-ready face, and and he is described as tall, over six feet high.He helps Jim Hawkins when the pirates are on his trail for the treasure map, the protagonist of the novel.

As soon as he receives the map, his enthusiasm increases for his adventure.As he sets out to set sail, his deep passion for adventure increases.He struggles to keep a secret despite pledging to be "as silent as death" to his companions.Thus, he hired Long John Silver and his fellow pirates as crew members.He is best at shooting straight, as Jim says.Therefore, he is given jobs that require excellent shooting.

Dr Livesey

David Livesey, MD, is the local doctor and district magistrate.Jim finds him to be wise, practical, and highly inspirational.In the novel, he is characterized as intelligent, brave, and cool-headed, all of which help him defeat his enemies.Without Livesey the entire expedition would have ended in disaster. His common sense and rational reasoning make him a hero.

Although he is an enemy, he treats wounded and ill pirates, devoted to his profession.While Squire Trelawney shows a desire for fantasy, adventure, or fantasy-like qualities, he represents the steady, modest virtues of everyday life.

Captain Smollett

Hispaniola's captain, Alexander Smollett, was hired by Squire Trelawney for his expedition to Treasure Island.He is an experienced, honest, and dedicated captain.Yet he has a stubborn nature and a temperamental temperament, which causes him to disagree with others often.The man of few words is right to suspect Trelawney's crew.His professional approach means that he expects people to obey him.He adheres to rules to the point that he chides Jim for disobedience.Even telling him that he will never sail with him again, he tells him at one point that he hates him.

Captain Smollett's management of the ship and crew on the voyage to Treasure Island allows the Hispaniola to arrive safely at Treasure Island.He is an excellent ship captain.Hence, he becomes an inspirational figure for Jim for the same reason Livesey was.

Long John Silver

Long John Silver is a one-legged captain who serves as cook on the Treasure Island voyage.It turns out that he is the one-legged man Billy Bones feared and the main antagonist in the book.The unknowing Stevenson created a prototype of a pirate, Long John Silver.It was he who had slain many of the Flints' important pirates.While on the voyage to Treasure Island, he led other pirates.A smart and crooked pirate, he showed in the novel.

He possesses impressive physical and emotional strength in spite of losing a leg.Despite being a cunning, fickle, greedy, and self-seeking individual, he acts genuine and kind to Jim.Toward the end of the novel, he departs with his share of gold without informing anyone.

Black Dog

Second of Flint's crew Jim meets in the novel is Black dog.During his visit to Billy, he asks for information about the map, and warns him he will deliver a black spot.Despite Billy's flight as he attacks Jim, he is the sole cause of the nightmarish consequences Jim experiences.

Ben Gunn

Flint's pirate crew marooned Ben Gunn, three years before Jim and his companions arrived on Treasure Island.It took Jim some time to realize that Ben is nothing more than a human being when he met him for the first time.

He may suffer from his isolation on the island as a result of his situation.In spite of the fact he appears much like an old ship's ghost, he is clothed in shards of old ship's canvas and old sea-cloth, and he is held together by a system of strange fastenings including brass buttons, sticks, and loops of tarry cloth." He willingly assists Jim and Dr Livesey in bringing back the gold.When he accompanies them on their return trip, he also agrees to change his ways.


The blind man with a formidable appearance presents Billy with a black spot.Pew, as he calls himself, dies accidentally when he tries to escape Benbow.

Israel Hands

One of Long John Silver's trusted pirates is Israel Hands.Though he is Captain Flint's gunner, he is the coxswain of Hispaniola.When the other pirates are ashore, Silver deposits two guards on the ship.Throughout the novel, he is a symbol of the reckless behavior of all pirates.When he was supposed to be vigilant, he gets drunk and kills his fellow pirate.As the ship drifts aimlessly, a drunken guard and the crew lie in a drunken stupor.

Tom Redruth

Squire Trelawney's servant, Tom Redruth, accompanies him on the ship.Large and dependable, he does a lot of the heavy lifting.But he was killed by the pirates and buried on the island after a fight.

Mr and Mrs Hawkins

'Admiral Benbow' is owned and operated by Jim Hawkins' parents.In the novel, Mrs Hawkins is depicted as a strong and honest woman.Jim takes her to Bill to get the money, but even though there was no witness, she only takes what was hers.

Richard Joyce, and John Hunter

Like Tom Redruth, Richard Joyce, and John Hunter are servants of Squire Trelawney, who accompany him on the voyage to Treasure Island.

A few minor characters play a lesser role in Stevenson's novel.Honest seafarers such as Mr Arrow, Abraham Gray, Tom, and Alan travel on the ship with pirates Job Anderson, Tom Morgan, George Merry, O'Brien, Dick, and nine other unnamed pirates.