One of the best things about Naruto is that it gives all the stories and characters that it introduces ample time and space.From the first generation of Ninjas to the younger ones, everyone is going through personal struggles and growing up.In the same way as the current Boruto series dissects all of the young fighters, Naruto does the same.Like White Fang On The Leaf, White Fang On The Leaf's story holds a strong meaning.However, who was White Fang On The Leaf?



As a result, Kakashi's father received the title White Fang On The Leaf.As a young man, he was considered greater than the Sannin themselves.However, he did not deserve this name for any reason.Kasumo's strongest move was a Tanto that he called the White Light Chakra Sabre.With this weapon, the Chakra emitted white projections similar to white fangs, giving him his official alias.


Sakumo Vs. The Yellow Flash

While there is no separate arc which describes the character in his separate story, there are many legends describing his contribution to the hidden leaf village and his fights.The most important thing in the story concerns his hatred for Chiyo.In Naruto Shippuuden, it was revealed that Sakumo had killed Sasori's parent who came to the Konoha village on a mission.But the scene was never aired.

As it turned out, Kakashi's father was the one who killed the pair.Consequently, Sasori, Sasaki, and Kakashi encountered many conflicts in the future.In the second part of the story Sakumo and The Yellow Flash have a fight.Yellow Flash is also known as Konoha no Kiiroi Senk*th, and it is Minato Namikaze, who was the fourth Hokage of Konohagakure.

Its white fang.His mission to save his comrades was unsuccessful.He was a brave hero.cQgTCmLV9p, #Shippuden on Twitter

This fight never took place, much to the dismay of fans.The two fighters are paired together only because of fan demand.These two are the strongest fighters today.So the urge to see them square off on the battlefield is strong.During the Nine-Tails attack, Yellow Flash lost his life due to Kuruma's influence..

White Fang On The Leaf Death

There are many fans who follow Naruto and Boruto Naruto Next Generation, who know that White Fang On The Leaf is dead.This begs the question of who shot him.Well, a man of this stature could not be killed.He left the world on his own..

.Due to this failure, White Fang On The Leaf had no choice but to suffer disapproval from his people.This lasted for years and years.Sakumo fell into a dark depressive state when his son reached a fickle age.Several days later, young Kakashi was found dead in his room.


Can There Be A Spin-Off On Sakumo Hatake?

The next part is fascinating, in which the possibility of the White Fang On The Leaf returning is discussed.Over the years, fans have debated whether Naruto tells a long story..


The makers of the game didn't even consider such a project in the long run.Nevertheless, if enough fans sign petitions and demand the project, it may be approved..

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